Sunday, June 23, 2019

Redblack Vanilla | New Modern Hanging Art Mobile Headed to Los Angeles

On Patience
“But I don’t want to wait,” explained sparrow. “I want it now.” 
Fox twitched his tail, “Perhaps,” he suggested, “It’s less about waiting than getting excited about the right moment arriving?” 

Mobile: Redblack Vanilla 

Size: Approx. 22" wide by 28" wide tall

Thoughts while making
 I think of myself as a patient person. But that hasn’t always been the case. 

As a kid, birthdays, summer, and the end of the school day could never come fast enough. Christmas Eve was torture. Waiting for dessert was painful.

Somewhere along the way – maybe because I was tired of getting frustrated by tangled electrical cords – I found patience. Or it found me.

So you can imagine how discouraged I was the other day when it resurfaced. I was running late the gym. Wanted to make sure I got a spot in my cycle class. Sitting at the stoplight at NE Sandy and 57th Avenue, I felt like I might make it in time. Then, just as the light turned green, two police choppers zoomed into the intersection and stopped traffic. Even though I knew why they were doing it, I felt my chest constrict. My jaw tense.

The first car in the funeral procession was a deep black. The man behind the wheel was wearing a white headband, traditional for Vietnamese mourners. The last car to slowly pass through that intersection was red, and the gray-haired woman behind the wheel appeared to be crying. I was embarrassed at my impatience. Here in the face of death. A reminder that everybody – including you – is going through something, always; and that taking a moment before reacting to listen, to wait, to ask, to open, to soften, to invite, and to allow is worthwhile and important.

Where’s one place where you feel impatient?

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