Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome to the TEMPORARY home of mark leary designs

Hey there and hello!

Welcome to the ever-so-temporary home of Mark Leary Designs... which is just a fancy name for fun stuff that moves... or, art to hang with... or, yep, just mobiles, mobiles, and more mobiles!

In the days to come, I'll be launching a new site with many more bells and whistles (well, not actual bells nor whistles, but you know what I mean). It'll allow you a much better look at the mobiles, as well as the inside scoop on how they're made, and - if you're lucky - a secret introduction to the mastermind behind the whole enchilada: Buddy the Cat!

So, check back in soon for the new site!

For now, there are 40 mobiles showcased on this site, so be sure to click on through to the older posts to see 'em all.

And, if you live in Central Oregon, swing on by Furnish (near the Old Mill in Bend). Or if you're not in the area, watch them spin at the Red Brick Gallery in Ventura, CA, Rare Device in San Francisco, or the Made Gallery in New Orleans.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like purchase a mobile, please visit one of my galleries or contact me directly at

Thanks for visiting!

spin, spin, spin

"the original three-by-3"

keep it simple, keep it real.


three of one, three of the other... doesn't get much simpler than that.

what more can i say than clean design, striking colors, and the guy who started the whole three-by-3 craze.

this lil' dude is the perfect size for just about any space, inside or out, small or large, make a statement with art that moves!

size: approx. 12" tall by 13" wide

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

ben or jerry?

"the original wavy gravy"

no ice cream here (sorry)...

just a freakin' fun mobile that suggests waves rolling in, the crashing surf, and the next epic set on the horizon ready to break...

ocean blues punctuate this fluid piece with a soothing presence.

as for movement, this baby is deceptively simple... the articulated arms bounce and spin in a constant splash of controlled whitewater chaos...

size: approx. 36" wide by 24" tall, but can custom sized for your order

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

got balls?

"the juggler"

fun shapes in bright complimentary colors flying willy-nilly through the sky evoke the spirit of three-ring circuses, elephants on parade, snotty-nosed kids, cotton candy, and the crazy juggling clown bringing smiles to all.

fabulous fluid movement are the 'hollah back' hallmarks of this new design for 2009.

with shocking colors, the juggler is guaranteed to brighten up any room, indoors or out.

size: approx. 16" tall x 27" wide

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

going up and up and up


this gray + orange beaut is a pristine example of a modern gem...

nothing extraneous on this articulated workhorse... just a pure joy at moving + moving and moving - almost with the passing of thoughts... but definitely with any air circulation, heater, a/c, or the moving body...

size: approx. 35" by 18" - also can be custom made to order in your preferred size + colors

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

that girl is POISON

"the poison zook"

unpredictable. always on the move. lurking... ready... stealthy... ATTACK!

the poison zook may seem unassuming, but don't be fooled...he's a mobile assassin.

he waits calmly. draws you in. then, whammo-ka-slammo, he strikes...

this fun lil' mover flirts with danger with every twist and turn... are you ready?

the perfect size for just about any space, inside or out, small or large.

size: approx. 13" tall x 20" wide

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

where are the clouds?

"sun & shine"

this seven-bladed two-toned superstar is drenched in deep blue on one side and sanded fine for a natural metallic shine on the other. a sunshine-y orb centers the affair from which all the rays do their mobile-izing thing.

superb bouncy balance & round-and-round-and-round movement on this unique two-tone design makes it a really fun art piece, indoors or out.

spins effortlessly with the smallest breath of air (yes, even morning breath and heating or cooling systems make it dance, too!

Custom made to order so you can pick the color(s) you want!

size: approx. 12" long by 12" wide

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

i'm taking a bath

"splish splash"

big rain drop interpretations spin rather than splash and are always on the move...

super sensitive mobile is perfect for indoor or outdoor enjoyment...

size: custom made for your order

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

sparkle sparkle


resurrected from a pieces of a long-abandoned mobile this slim dazzler is roughly constructed and aggressively etched, but there's a subtly to it that splashes down like a spring rain... um, on crack, that is! When light hits this baby, it screams "it's all about ME!"

Perfect for the garden or a real statement indoors, this is one mobile that needs a home.

size: approx. 33" long x 14" wide

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

another seed poddy

"seed poddy jr."

in the tradition of form follows function, this ruggedly rustic, yet undeniably modern mobile has its roots firmly planted in a metaphoric image of seeds sprouting new life and reaching skyward toward a contemporary revolution.

with organic shapes that mimic foliage you'd see in each of the four seasons - from the expectant buds of spring, the ripe fullness of summer, the brilliant release of fall, to the crisp truth of winter - this mobile is an homage to all things natural - including the rough and tough - while being seriously committed to all things modern and minimal.

A uniquely articulated mobile - lacking a harmonious fluidity of all parts moving in synchrony - she moves as does nature... in fits and spurts, of its own mind and desires, and ever ready to twist and turn toward the realization of the next sunrise, the next moment, the next now.

size: approx. 20" by 20"

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

it's a seed, it's a pod... it's a seed poddy!

"seed poddy"

it's a poddy!

this organic wisp of a mobile casts a shiny spell on any garden or room. catching light at every turn, she moves with an articulated grace that is punctuated with voluptuous curves and swirly etched patterns in the bare metal design.

size: approx. 24" wide x 30-36" tall, but can be custom made to order to your desires... and color can be added too! just ask!

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

the house, the house, the house is on...

"red fireleaf"

fire red autumn leaves are caught in constant state of spin-spin-spin falling in this one-of-a-kind articulated mobile.

- available in a variety of colors, including a ridiculously cool set of blues, too!

size: approx. 27" tall by 17" wide

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

you want color? i got color!

"rainbow bubblicious"

what's that?

you want color?

you want lots and lots of color?

okay, okay, can do, can do!

how does violet, kiwi, grasshopper, autumn leaf, vermillion, aquamarine, and a random blue sound to you?

based on a classic design this mobile showcases unlikely balance and action... deceptively simple, the movement is delightfully delicious - a breakdance in the air... uber-bouncy with a hint of controlled chaos...

SEVEN blades on this behemoth (compare to 6 on most other bubblicious designs)!

size: approx. 30" wide by 20" tall, but can custom sized for your order

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

now we're bringing the heat!


reminiscent of those dried red peppers hanging in southwestern doorways, peppered is an homage (yes, fancy word included in price) to the ol' west and a slower, simpler time (at least in Louis L'Amour novels).

size: approx. 27" long by 17" wide - custom made for your order

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

go blow yourself

"one orange one"

solid, a bit frenetic with any wind, gives it a "i've drunk too much diet coke" kind of vibe when it's moving...

size: approx. 18" by 16"

- also can be custom made to order in your preferred colors & size

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

which thing just doesn't belong?

"one of these things"

One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish this song?

Did you guess which thing was not like the others?
Did you guess which thing just doesn't belong?
If you guessed this one is not like the others,
Then you're absolutely...right!

Regretfully, this little buddy can't be called relaxing. Just when its hypnotic twists and turns lull you into a sense of sooth-ing-dom, it suddenly goes all helter-skelter... sometimes blowin' this way, sometimes that a-way... who knows where the wind will blow it next...

size: approx. 15" tall by 20" wide

*custom made to order for you!

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

not just for windows any more

"levolor unleashed"

um, this is a reincarnated levolor blind - & no, i'm not freakin' kidding...

take one part super glue, a bunch of wire, and a lot of near insanity & you end up with one of the coolest abstract modern mobiles you will find anywhere... nobody on the block is going to have this sh*t!

size: made to order in color & size

For questions, comments or pricing, contact