Saturday, June 27, 2009

another seed poddy

"seed poddy jr."

in the tradition of form follows function, this ruggedly rustic, yet undeniably modern mobile has its roots firmly planted in a metaphoric image of seeds sprouting new life and reaching skyward toward a contemporary revolution.

with organic shapes that mimic foliage you'd see in each of the four seasons - from the expectant buds of spring, the ripe fullness of summer, the brilliant release of fall, to the crisp truth of winter - this mobile is an homage to all things natural - including the rough and tough - while being seriously committed to all things modern and minimal.

A uniquely articulated mobile - lacking a harmonious fluidity of all parts moving in synchrony - she moves as does nature... in fits and spurts, of its own mind and desires, and ever ready to twist and turn toward the realization of the next sunrise, the next moment, the next now.

size: approx. 20" by 20"

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