Monday, July 20, 2009

chip off the ol' block

"mint chip without the chip"

hot day. cold ice cream. melting. drip, drip, lick, lick, slurp...
what's any of that have to do with this mobile? um, nothing, really... but it *is* a hot day. based on the larger 'aubergine & cream' design, this mobile is smaller (duh) and mintier in a fresh menthol bluish-green. nice articulation means when one spins the rest will follow. thinner arm wire means great for indoors and A/Cs

size: approx. 11" tall x "23 wide

that's what she said

"trust me"

okay, you gotta trust me on this one... i can't for the life of me get a good picture of it... perhaps she's camera shy? or cast some magic no-photo spell around itself... whatever the story, i just can't do her justice with photos...

i'll say this... it's one of my hands-down current favorite mobiles...
- unpainted sanded metal sparkles in the sun - angled blades spin and swirl pointing this way and that - very vertical design cuts up your visual field into many parts - mixes organic and geometric shapes to give an industrial yet natural vibe, like a metallic climbing vine

grab this one while it lasts!

size: approx. 42" long x 24" wide

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

...send johnny on over...

"red rover, red rover"

(yes, I know this is a horrible photo... sorry about that!)

yep, send this red-hot baby over...

When in motion, you get the impression of a spastic 9-year-old boy desperately dodging a bouncy red ball that's been thrown at him full-speed by the biggest kid in his 5th grade class... oh, wait a minute, that's not right... flashback to St. Didacus... breathe in, breathe out...

When in motion,
some new design ideas crash together (without actually hitting one another) in this fun vertical dude... great when moving and pretty dang cool when it's standing still...

size: approx. 28" long by 22" wide
- also can be custom made to order in your preferred size

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

say it isn't snow

"snow white"

i've done a 'black beauty' version of this mobile for years, that is - surprise, surprise - painted pink... um, no, actually it's painted black... you thought I was going to say 'egglplant," didn't you? it's okay to admit...

but seriously... this mobile has superior articulation & movement... because each arm is directly interlocked with the one below (rather than being connected by eyelets as are many of my mobiles).

This subtle difference in design mechanics means much more immediate movement... when one blows, all the others are helpless to do anything but follow...

i can create in any size to perfectly accommodate your space.

spins effortlessly with the smallest breath of air - even heating or cooling systems make it dance!

size: approx. 24" long by 21" wide - also can be custom made to order in your preferred size

For questions, comments or pricing, contact