Wednesday, July 1, 2009

say it isn't snow

"snow white"

i've done a 'black beauty' version of this mobile for years, that is - surprise, surprise - painted pink... um, no, actually it's painted black... you thought I was going to say 'egglplant," didn't you? it's okay to admit...

but seriously... this mobile has superior articulation & movement... because each arm is directly interlocked with the one below (rather than being connected by eyelets as are many of my mobiles).

This subtle difference in design mechanics means much more immediate movement... when one blows, all the others are helpless to do anything but follow...

i can create in any size to perfectly accommodate your space.

spins effortlessly with the smallest breath of air - even heating or cooling systems make it dance!

size: approx. 24" long by 21" wide - also can be custom made to order in your preferred size

For questions, comments or pricing, contact

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