Saturday, November 13, 2010

Now Spinning at Morihata in Philadelphia

I’m honored to be highlighted at
-->Morihata’s new store in the heart of Philadelphia (

Showcasing today’s leading style-forward Japanese designs,
-->Morihata features the best in traditional and neo-contemporary aesthetics, ideas and innovations from every region of Japan. -->

Let's be clear on what I mean here... Morihata
offers an insanely mind-boggling assortment of the most ridiculously timeless soothing eye candy that is also beyond functional while still deeply rooted in a variety of shifting perspectives and visions of a living cultural dynamic, past and present.

Their award-winning design products are currently showcased at museum shops and art galleries in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, and throughout Asia, including The Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, The Isamu Noguchi Museum and The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.

I am pleased to be showing a collection of custom-made “trust me” mobiles in black and white at Morihata.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area, please stop in and say hello. I trust you’ll be as amazed as I am with the incredible collection of wonder and invitation Yuka and her whole team have invoked and manifested in their new space.
Thanks very much, Yuka, and continued success and brilliance.

Monday, May 17, 2010

am i blue Featured In Lights Out On FX

"am i blue gets cameo on
FX's new show, Lights Out"

One of my mobiles made it to Hollywood... or, um, New York... or, er, your TV...

Catherine McCormack and Stacy Keach are set to co-star opposite Holt McCallany on FX's upcoming drama series "Lights Out" and now so too is my little mobile, am i blue!

The show's set designer recently commissioned the mobile. Now, I'm just hoping am i blue doesn't get a big ego and think he's better than everybody else.

From everything I've read the series looks like it's going to be pretty stellar - both in star power and storyline.

Here's the storyline:

"Lights Out," from Fox TV Studios and FX Prods., centers on Patrick "Lights" Leary (McCallany), an aging former heavyweight boxing champion who struggles to support his wife (McCormack), a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, and three daughters after his fighting days are over.

Diagnosed with a neurological disorder called pugilistic dementia, he takes a job as a legbreaker, collecting on unpaid gambling debts."

I have to say I was pretty excited to learn that the lead character not only is a legbreaker for the mob (something I've always aspired to), but his last name is also "Leary." Perhaps my other lifelong dreams of being a washed-up heavyweight fighter can come true after all.

I can't wait to see where the mobile (or its stunt double - I sent two just in case one was injured during an action shot) will show up in the series, but if that all-star cast weren't enough, FX can count on at least one loyal fan before the series even begins.

If you want to see if you can spot the mobile you'll have to wait... Lights Out is slated to air beginning in Fall 2010 or early 2011.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Rhapsody - New Show At Red Brick Gallery

Spring Rhapsody @ Red Brick Gallery

The incomparable duo of Jen Livia and Phyllis Gubins are at it again...

Their latest multi-artist show at Red Brick Gallery opens May 22nd and I'm once again grateful to be included with such fun and talented artists as we celebrate all things springy and natural-y.

I've officially declared May "Mark's Mobile Mania Madness Month" or MMMMM, as I'll have a series of SIX new mobiles spinning in the Red Brick Gallery just in time for the show and I just sent off five new mobiles to Rare Device in San Francisco and I will be releasing an exclusive set of designs with Hanging Mobile Gallery in the upcoming days, too.

If you're in the Ventura area, check out the artist reception from 6-9 pm, meet some cool peeps (humans, not chickens) and enjoy what is sure to be a really fun eve!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Got Scissors? Now Spinning In Downtown San Francisco

The Challenge:

"The space is my hair studio. So I'm looking for something that will be an eye catcher and conversation starter for my clients. Walls are Red. Windows are huge 10 feet tall... OMG. I love the longer thin pieces in your mobile, trust me; they look like branches and the triangle-type pieces in your black beauty (like leaves) and want it to be about 36 -40 inches tall & 16 inches wide."

The Solution:

"I went with a design that evokes the branch/tree feeling you were looking for without being too literal. It's long and narrow as requested. And, it should be a decent spinner with a fair amount of visual interest, especially as backdropped against those amazing windows and the entire feeling of your studio."

The Reaction:

"I LOVE IT!!! You nailed my vision. I can't wait to see it in color and hanging in place!"

The Anticipation:

"I can't wait to see it finished! Now I'm going to have trouble sleeping! It's like Christmas! I'm vibrating with excitement!"

The Arrival:

"My mobile arrived and I have to say that I've never received such a pretty decorated package. It felt like Christmas and my Birthday all rolled into one. And as I stand back and admire it I have to say that the collaboration was definitely a success! It looks amazing!!

Thank you so much for creating my vision. Just looking at it brings a smile to me & hopefully my clients too. I know that on a hard day that's exactly what I'll need to make it home, at least without stabbing someone with my shears. Just kidding..."

The Reaction:

"It's become the buzz of the studio and everyone has been commenting. All good of-course. It's doing exactly what I wanted!"

Mission Accomplished

Monday, April 19, 2010

Inspiration Featured On Simple Elements

Buddy, My Shop Cat

When brilliant jeweler, Cynthia Benson, writes to ask me to share a few words about what inspires my art, how could I refuse?

Especially since like me and my Buddy, she has shop cats, Jack and Wrigley, and a faithful dog, Lily!

Here's how I responded in answer to her deceptively simple question,What inspires you?

I’ve always been fascinated by stuff that moves.

When I settled down in the mountains of Bend, Oregon, where the high desert air is constantly twisting and twirling, I think I finally found the perfect muse to inspire my creativity… and that took shape with mountain biking and mobile making.

As an avid (okay, obsessive) mountain biker, there are few things I dig more than pedaling deep into the mountains on some choice singletrack and watching the world (and my place in it) transform.

In my graduate studies, I explored our relationship to and with place, particularly the place of nature. I’m totally captivated with the way we interact with the places we inhabit and pass through and how – when we “bump into the world” – we create meaning/focus/purpose in our lives.

And, it’s that interaction with nature (usually as I’m zipping down a trail on my bike) that really inspires my designs – wresting form out of pure metal to realize feathers layering on a wing, leaves rustling in the wind, or bubbles rising into the air.

As I see the branches of a tree moving in a breeze, I’m mesmerized. A bird in flight, totally hypnotized. A ripple in the canal behind my house, spellbound.

See, I live by a semi-humorous "little things please little minds" mantra. Keep it simple. Keep it real.

In that vein, I’ve been inspired to keep my “process” as basic and fundamental as possible.

That means all my mobiles are hand cut, shaped, sanded, primed, painted, and assembled one at a time. I don’t use templates, or mass production, and regretfully I don’t employ a team of elves. It's just me in my humble little shop with Buddy the Cat enjoying good tunes and paint fumes while creating fun art.

The resulting creations range from works of peaceful simplicity, featuring repetitive shapes spinning hypnotically on an air current, to whimsical jumbles of bright colors and bouncy motion that vibrate with energy and joy.

In the end, I just feel pretty dang lucky to be able to create art for people to enjoy. That’s pretty cool.

You can learn more about Cynthia and creative spirit at her Simple Elements blog. Cynthia's magnificent work can be seen (and purchased) on Etsy and on Facebook.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


"one orange one XL"

No, I'm not still on the topic of Del Taco fries, but if I was - mmmm, can you say "steamy hot crinkle cut goodness"!

I'm talkin'
one orange one XL - my latest big ol' mobile that's just been installed in a private residence in Overland Park, KS.

The client is a designer and has raucously cool modern digs with a to-die-for collection (yes, I did... I did just say "to die for" and I deserve whatever punishment you can think up - as long as it involves french fries... okay, okay, I'll stop with the fries; my apologies).

At over four feet wide by six feet long, it was a blast creating this gentle giant in a variety of shades of blue and - of course - one of my favorite super sweet shades of burnt orange called Linda's Sunset.

I feel very fortunate to be able to hang high in this eclectically delicious space.

Viva Heartlandia!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Now Spinning at the

I've got super exciting news... no, I have not figured out how to make a fat-free batch of Del Taco french fries... mmm, french fries... er, um, no, that's not it...

I'm super excited to share that a selection of my mobiles are now spinning large at the web's premier mobile destination, the
Hanging Mobile Gallery (

Check them out here:

As the world's highest ranked online mobile gallery, I'm in fabulous company with the brilliant likes of Matthew Richards of Ekko Mobiles and Portland's own glass mobilist extraordinaire and Etsy juggernaut Leah Pellegrini.

It's been a blast working with the fabulous team at Hanging Mobile Gallery, and I feel terrifically honored to be among such talented artists on such fantastic site.

Check back soon to see a couple exclusive and highly affordable designs that will spin only in the Hanging Mobile Gallery.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

just don't call it a baby mobile

Mobile lovers come in all shapes, sizes and ages, but call this lil' guy "baby" and you might be in for trouble... toddler trouble with a capital ummm, er, well, give him a break... he doesn't know his letters yet... but I know for a fact it's a capital T!

I mean, really, check out those tough-guy camo pants and that "take no prisoners" look on his face! See how that cracker trembles in his fearsome grip! Take a look at how he's already thrown his so-called "baby monitor" to the ground and stomped it under his menacingly striped feet. And, of course, he's already broken out of his white-walled prison... leaving his furry yellow friends behind bars without a second thought.

And, if that's not enough, I encourage you to look over his shoulder to see who's in his toddler gang... when was the last time you saw an orange monkey wearing a wrestling onsie? Plus, does that monkey have a 5 o'clock shadow?!

It's always fun to see my mobiles - don't call it a baby mobile - hanging in the real world. Thanks to a dear client for sending this fun photo of my "am i blue" mobile (sporting a splash of panache with a red dot) swirling in their son's admittedly very hip room. Heck, *I* don't even have a bedskirt, but he has one AND it even matches his curtains, too!

Don't worry, lil' man, I won't call it a baby mobile... as long as you promise not to eat it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mobiles & Haiti Relief - Small Gesture, Big Hope

when you commission a mobile between now and february 28th, I will donate 10% of your purchase to help support the heroic efforts of the red cross, here in the states & internationally.

visit or to order your mobile today.

i realize it's not much, but it's something...

of course, you can donate without buying a mobile by visiting:

haiti is just one place where the international red cross, including the american red cross, do amazing work.

at home and abroad, we need to keep organizations like the red cross fully funded, so that they - their staffs and volunteers - can continue to serve our people in real need everywhere... everyone from our neighbors suffering here due to such things as these tough economic times to people thrust into chaos as a result of such things as natural disasters and political upheaval.

whether it's the red cross or any of the many great organizations that do truly human-itarian work to make every part of our world a better place (orgs committed to such missions that help with education, health, social equality, human rights, the environment, poverty, hunger, and so many more "issues" that affect you and me every single day in our own cities), make today the day you participate and rally for real change in your own backyard or the world.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mobile Collaborationisticism or On The Merits of the Fierce-Lithe

"Red Scene from Yimou Zhang's Hero"

Working with a client in the Midwest on designing a mobile right now...

Searching for that One that expresses her unique aesthetic - reaching past the everyday and pulling out the heart of matter... or just something that spins and is red, red, red.

When discussing influences and inspirations to shape the design, she shared the following BRILLIANT explosion of picture words and insight that literally left me smacked me speechless, and mused me something mighty:

"Further leaves and kineticism: literally The Most Gorgeous Thing I Have Ever Seen On Film is the scene in the red portion of Hero (which I'd actually call a *directorial* Crowning Moment of Awesome) when Flying Snow and Moon are fighting in the grove of trees, with the luminous yellow leaves, and just when I thought it couldn't, it couldn't possibly, not in this so-often drab and hackneyed world of ours, get any more exquisite. Because seriously, who could possibly read my mind like that and tap into my inner gorgeous compass so successfully when *I* didn't even know I was waiting, just waiting for it to get more beautiful? Well, apparently Yimou Zhang does that for all of us, because suddenly, as I was already weeping at how beautiful it was...all the leaves turned RED. Holy shit! And yes, if you read this as: 'has a weakness for kung fu movies combined with gorgeousness,' you are correct.

I once sat down on a bench in front of a giant Rothko at SFMoMA. And fell into it. When I emerged from the thinking-oxbow about holy-shit-it-looks-like-color-breathing, it was about half an hour later. I also kind of venerate Klee for his wonderful sense of whimsy and play. His work makes me giggle with real-live, actual delight. Both of these artists only the work in person. I thought Rothko was a gigantic wanker when I studied him from reproductions in art history.

Oh, how the mighty do fall. As you might surmise, I like the way Rothko treats color, and the way Klee treats media."

Holy Jawdropper! Do I really need to say ANYTHING? If that word candy isn't inspiration for a paradigm-busting mobile design, I don't know what is.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

bigger blu mobile got crunked

"bigger blu"

what happens when you take a perfectly good mobile - a great big one, in fact - and crunk it all up?

what's the result when you take gracefully arcing arms and bend, twist, tweak and generally dis-grace them into a disheveled, yet intentional mess of tangle and tease?

bigger blu is what you get.

yep, i took a HUGE over six foot mobile and squenched it down, bent it up, and crimpled its crumple to totally transform this once serene mobile in blues and blueish greens into an electrified spin of wave and current. ahhh yeahhhh!

don't get me wrong - he's still a REALLY big boy at approx. 42" long by 28 wide.

would you be so kind to give him a home? inside or out, he's ready to take flight... and - with a little loving - i'm sure he'll play nicely with all the neighborhood kids, maybe even Spot.

here he is BEFORE & AFTER...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mobilosity Spotlighted By Kitsune Noir On Etsy

"Kitsune Noir aka Bobby Solomon"

In my opinion, blog phenom Kitsune Noir (aka Bobby Solomon) creates one of the coolest blogs in the world ( He blasts off an amazing daily snapshot of what's what in the world of art - tidbits, teases and tantalizations from every corner in every medium... the millions of others who read his Kitsune Noir blog must agree, too.

You can read his entire feature here: Etsy: The Storque: Guest Curator: Kitsune Noir

Here's a snippet for you: Not too long ago, handmade items weren't considered a luxury, they were the only option. Okay, maybe that was before most of us can even remember, but it seems like handmade is definitely having a revival. After the plastic craze of the 60's and 70's, people are over mass-production and want something unique and well-crafted. Not that mass-production is going anywhere soon, but it's certainly nice to have some alternatives.

My list of Etsy picks, as well as my personal style, is a mixture of vintage and contemporary things. I definitely have a love for both the new and the classic, so finding items that mesh well together is the challenge. The list also journeys not only into items for the home but personal accessories as well. I hope you enjoy my choices, I had a lot of fun putting them all together.

Check out his entire feature here: Etsy: The Storque: Guest Curator: Kitsune Noir

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Exhibition Opens January 11th at Red Brick Gallery

I'm honored to be showing my mobiles at the Red Brick Gallery in Ventura, California.

If you're in the area, please stop in to see my newest mobiles and the gallery's latest exhibition, Shades of Day, running from January 11th through February 22nd.

Jen Livia, the founder and owner of Red Brick, is AMAZING! She is an incredible artist, a super savvy and plugged-in businesswoman, creative as the day is long and redefines what "giving back" really means. What an inspiration!

Just check out a snippet from a recent article and you'll quickly see what a dynamo Jen is:

"This 28-year-old artist, founder of the Red Brick Gallery and winner of a 2008 Mayor’s Arts Award, has done more than her fair share to build the relationship between art and the community. She works closely with the Downtown Ventura Organization, promoting local events, and somehow finds time to teach art classes for children."

Read the entire article here: 2009 Trailblazers in Ventana: Fine Living in Ventura County

You can learn more about the Gallery and the latest show here: Red Brick Gallery

You can even see a little bio on me and my mobiles in their artist section, too.

Here's to a hugely successful show and 2010 for the entire gallery!