Thursday, January 14, 2010

bigger blu mobile got crunked

"bigger blu"

what happens when you take a perfectly good mobile - a great big one, in fact - and crunk it all up?

what's the result when you take gracefully arcing arms and bend, twist, tweak and generally dis-grace them into a disheveled, yet intentional mess of tangle and tease?

bigger blu is what you get.

yep, i took a HUGE over six foot mobile and squenched it down, bent it up, and crimpled its crumple to totally transform this once serene mobile in blues and blueish greens into an electrified spin of wave and current. ahhh yeahhhh!

don't get me wrong - he's still a REALLY big boy at approx. 42" long by 28 wide.

would you be so kind to give him a home? inside or out, he's ready to take flight... and - with a little loving - i'm sure he'll play nicely with all the neighborhood kids, maybe even Spot.

here he is BEFORE & AFTER...

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