Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mobile Collaborationisticism or On The Merits of the Fierce-Lithe

"Red Scene from Yimou Zhang's Hero"

Working with a client in the Midwest on designing a mobile right now...

Searching for that One that expresses her unique aesthetic - reaching past the everyday and pulling out the heart of matter... or just something that spins and is red, red, red.

When discussing influences and inspirations to shape the design, she shared the following BRILLIANT explosion of picture words and insight that literally left me smacked me speechless, and mused me something mighty:

"Further leaves and kineticism: literally The Most Gorgeous Thing I Have Ever Seen On Film is the scene in the red portion of Hero (which I'd actually call a *directorial* Crowning Moment of Awesome) when Flying Snow and Moon are fighting in the grove of trees, with the luminous yellow leaves, and just when I thought it couldn't, it couldn't possibly, not in this so-often drab and hackneyed world of ours, get any more exquisite. Because seriously, who could possibly read my mind like that and tap into my inner gorgeous compass so successfully when *I* didn't even know I was waiting, just waiting for it to get more beautiful? Well, apparently Yimou Zhang does that for all of us, because suddenly, as I was already weeping at how beautiful it was...all the leaves turned RED. Holy shit! And yes, if you read this as: 'has a weakness for kung fu movies combined with gorgeousness,' you are correct.

I once sat down on a bench in front of a giant Rothko at SFMoMA. And fell into it. When I emerged from the thinking-oxbow about holy-shit-it-looks-like-color-breathing, it was about half an hour later. I also kind of venerate Klee for his wonderful sense of whimsy and play. His work makes me giggle with real-live, actual delight. Both of these artists only the work in person. I thought Rothko was a gigantic wanker when I studied him from reproductions in art history.

Oh, how the mighty do fall. As you might surmise, I like the way Rothko treats color, and the way Klee treats media."

Holy Jawdropper! Do I really need to say ANYTHING? If that word candy isn't inspiration for a paradigm-busting mobile design, I don't know what is.

Stay tuned!

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