Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mobiles & Haiti Relief - Small Gesture, Big Hope

when you commission a mobile between now and february 28th, I will donate 10% of your purchase to help support the heroic efforts of the red cross, here in the states & internationally.

visit www.mobilosity.etsy.com or www.mobilosity.net to order your mobile today.

i realize it's not much, but it's something...

of course, you can donate without buying a mobile by visiting: www.redcross.org/

haiti is just one place where the international red cross, including the american red cross, do amazing work.

at home and abroad, we need to keep organizations like the red cross fully funded, so that they - their staffs and volunteers - can continue to serve our people in real need everywhere... everyone from our neighbors suffering here due to such things as these tough economic times to people thrust into chaos as a result of such things as natural disasters and political upheaval.

whether it's the red cross or any of the many great organizations that do truly human-itarian work to make every part of our world a better place (orgs committed to such missions that help with education, health, social equality, human rights, the environment, poverty, hunger, and so many more "issues" that affect you and me every single day in our own cities), make today the day you participate and rally for real change in your own backyard or the world.

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