Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mobilosity Spotlighted By Kitsune Noir On Etsy

"Kitsune Noir aka Bobby Solomon"

In my opinion, blog phenom Kitsune Noir (aka Bobby Solomon) creates one of the coolest blogs in the world (http://kitsunenoir.com/). He blasts off an amazing daily snapshot of what's what in the world of art - tidbits, teases and tantalizations from every corner in every medium... the millions of others who read his Kitsune Noir blog must agree, too.

You can read his entire feature here: Etsy: The Storque: Guest Curator: Kitsune Noir

Here's a snippet for you: Not too long ago, handmade items weren't considered a luxury, they were the only option. Okay, maybe that was before most of us can even remember, but it seems like handmade is definitely having a revival. After the plastic craze of the 60's and 70's, people are over mass-production and want something unique and well-crafted. Not that mass-production is going anywhere soon, but it's certainly nice to have some alternatives.

My list of Etsy picks, as well as my personal style, is a mixture of vintage and contemporary things. I definitely have a love for both the new and the classic, so finding items that mesh well together is the challenge. The list also journeys not only into items for the home but personal accessories as well. I hope you enjoy my choices, I had a lot of fun putting them all together.

Check out his entire feature here: Etsy: The Storque: Guest Curator: Kitsune Noir

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