Thursday, May 6, 2010

Got Scissors? Now Spinning In Downtown San Francisco

The Challenge:

"The space is my hair studio. So I'm looking for something that will be an eye catcher and conversation starter for my clients. Walls are Red. Windows are huge 10 feet tall... OMG. I love the longer thin pieces in your mobile, trust me; they look like branches and the triangle-type pieces in your black beauty (like leaves) and want it to be about 36 -40 inches tall & 16 inches wide."

The Solution:

"I went with a design that evokes the branch/tree feeling you were looking for without being too literal. It's long and narrow as requested. And, it should be a decent spinner with a fair amount of visual interest, especially as backdropped against those amazing windows and the entire feeling of your studio."

The Reaction:

"I LOVE IT!!! You nailed my vision. I can't wait to see it in color and hanging in place!"

The Anticipation:

"I can't wait to see it finished! Now I'm going to have trouble sleeping! It's like Christmas! I'm vibrating with excitement!"

The Arrival:

"My mobile arrived and I have to say that I've never received such a pretty decorated package. It felt like Christmas and my Birthday all rolled into one. And as I stand back and admire it I have to say that the collaboration was definitely a success! It looks amazing!!

Thank you so much for creating my vision. Just looking at it brings a smile to me & hopefully my clients too. I know that on a hard day that's exactly what I'll need to make it home, at least without stabbing someone with my shears. Just kidding..."

The Reaction:

"It's become the buzz of the studio and everyone has been commenting. All good of-course. It's doing exactly what I wanted!"

Mission Accomplished

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