Monday, August 15, 2011

Now Showing @ The Atomic Pop Shop

"contemplating calder" by kerry beary
If a time-space teleportation device – cleverly disguised as a couch named “bob” – is loaded with a cargo of garlic granola, bacon air guitars, coconut-flavored treats, and chickns playing Beethoven on their beaks, leaves the gentle, sweet enchanted lands of bantu-bantu at half-past zydeco, what is the likelihood it will arrive in Bend before my latest delivery of EIGHT new smoken token mobiles arrives in Baton Rouge, LA?
It’s a tough conundrum of a question, I know. Indeed, it’s enough to make your heart fulter, your lobe explode, and your gluten go free!

Although I could patiently create a 7-step Hassn proof that explains why the Atomic Pop Shop in Baton Rouge is just about the coolest place on the planet, I’ll simply say Kerry Beary (gallery owner and artist extracoolinaire, and her hip retro shop on Government Street in The Capital City are aces.

If you’re in the Baton Rouge area, I highly recommend you drop in and go for a spin in her fun digs and check out some of my new designs including lil’ red hood, jumblaya, blorange, and crazyam.

And, of course, don't forget to stock up on your supply of Tabasco while you're in town, too.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paint Ventura - Painters, Sculptors, & Mobilists?! Oh MY!

Paint Ventura (, southern California’s premiere all-media plein air art event put on by Red Brick Gallery (, is coming up fast ... and - wait for it, wait for it - I’ll be making the trek south to participate in this super fun three-day event!

Red Brick Gallery has been so good to me, I just couldn’t say no, especially when I was given the opportunity to teach my very first mobile-making workshop... (

Here’s the scoop:

Friday, Sept. 9th 5-8pm, "Paint Ventura Paint Out and Arty Party." 20 Artists will be creating work at Red Brick Gallery during their kickoff event wine and snacks provided by local restaurants. Yum! And, along with a number of other talented artists, I’ve donated one of my mobiles to be raffled to help Red Brick Gallery raise money for a cool local charity.

Saturday, Sept. 10th 11-5pm, "Paint Ventura" 100+ artists will be creating, selling and teaching workshops along Main St and CA St in downtown Ventura. I’ll be at Red Brick Gallery handcrafting unpainted metal mobiles, butand will have plenty of colorful spinners with me to sell as well. There will be live music, performances and book events at participating locations throughout downtown. The public is encouraged to streak down Main Street with wild abando ... um, oh wait a minute, you are actually invited to watch the artists at work and seek out a new creative side of your own.

Sunday, Sept. 11th, I’m really excited to be offering my first mobile-making workshop ( from 2-5 p.m. In this three-hour class, students will learn the ins and outs of making modern mobiles. Then, in an effort to keep lawsuits to a minimum, attendees will make their own *foam* mobiles with more finger-friendly tools and materials than high speed drills and jagged metal. Good news is tetanus shots are not required! Spots are limited, like for real, so if you're interested ACT FAST to sign up by contacting Red Brick Gallery @ 805-643-6400. Additionally, WAV (Working Artists Ventura) will be hosting a wine tasting and Studio Tour on the Avenue (another reason why my power tools are being left at home).

So, if you’re in the area, please drop in to experience this art extravaganza and support your local artists who are doing good in the world and, of course, feel free to stop by and say hello to the non-local artist (me), too.

PS – Keep an eye out (but, please be safe about it) for an upcoming announcement of my newest gallery in the spicy Land of the Blessed Tabasco coming soon!