Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mark Leary's Typewriter Mobile @ Atelier 6000 Upcycled Art Show - April 6-30, 2012

"1928 Underwood No. 3 Standard Typewriter ... sort of!"

As they say, one person's meat is another person's poison...

Oh wait a minute, nobody really says that, do they?

But, they do say one person's junk is another person's treasure...

Join me and a host of other upcycling artists as we fill Atelier 6000 with everyday stuffs that have been given a new lease on life in the form of artwork.

For the exhibition, I've created a free-form hanging art mobile made from the workings of a 1928 Underwood No. 3 Standard Typewriter.

I found the Underwood years ago in a back alley in Harrisonburg, VA. It was overgrown with vines and, if memory serves me, it had a can of PBR smashed into where a piece of paper should've been. I have slowly been creating "stuff" out of it ever since, including the eye of "
Rough the Dog" and almost all the parts of my doorbell (see below).

I'll also be showing "levolor 42" - my latest mobile made from used Levlor blinds.

The "Upcycled Art" exhibition runs from April 6th through April 30 at Atelier 6000 Printmaking Studio & Gallery (389 SW Scalehouse Ct., #120 Bend, OR 97702) just outside the Old Mill in Bend, Oregon.

From the gallery hosts:

"This exhibition highlights artists aiming at good usable design and real beauty taking the notion of reprocessing and conservation to a new height in original prints from collagraphic plates of found objects, as well as 2D and 3D mixed media art to create Upcycled Art."

Join me and the other artists at the opening reception on April 6th (as part of the First Friday Artwalk experience).

To learn more about Atelier 6000, click here ( Founder Patricia Clark and her crew are doing some *amazing* things there!

PS - Look for my mobiles in the May print edition of BabyTalk Magazine (more on that, a fun interview with the folks at Herman Miller, and some really exciting news in upcoming posts).