Saturday, April 14, 2012

red rover featured in babytalk magazine

"red rover red rover" featured in babytalk magazine"

baby talk:

1) n. A style of speech used by adults in addressing children, pets, or sweethearts, and formed in imitation of the voice and pronunciation of children learning to talk.

... AND ...

2) The magazine that just featured one of my mobiles in its May 2012 print edition!

I'm honored that one of my favorite mobiles, "red rover, red rover," is showcased in their "sweet spots" section ... right next to a big blue egg-shaped nightlight!

Published for over 75 years by Bonnier Corporation (home to such fine magazines as Saveur (yum), Popular Photography (yo snap), Parenting (oooh), and Popular Science (ahhh)), babytalk is the nation's oldest baby magazine.

Thanks so much to the folks at babytalk magazine and Hanging Mobile Gallery for your awesome and ongoing support. Very cool!