Monday, July 21, 2014

Now Spinning @ University of Michigan Museum of Art

University of Michigan Museum of Art

I'm proud to announce my mobiles have found a fabulous new home at the University of Michigan Museum of Art in the dynamic heart of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The museum houses an impressive 18,000+ artworks from around the world — representing more than 150 years of collecting. Yet, it's their innovative mission that I find particularly exciting. 

UMMA is actively working to reimagine the university art museum as a “'town square' for the 21st century" and are dedicated to creating spaces that "place the arts at the center of public life" rather than having art be something you visit and simply look at:

"Whether you’re here for a moment of quiet contemplation, a lively debate about the meaning of art, a performance, class, or event, or just a little down time, we hope you’ll make UMMA a habit."

Make art a habit! How cool is that?! 

Interactive, engaging, addicting and a place to relax amongst the creative expressions of peoples from near and far, now and long ago. Pretty neat and inspirational indeed! Well done. Well done!

So, if you're in Ann Arbor, I encourage you to stop in and treat yourself to the experience that is the University of Michigan Museum of Art (and check out my five-part mobile series in the museum store while they last, too). 

I promise you're in for a big surprise and new way of thinking about and enjoying the museum experience.

Bubblicious in Red
bubblicious in red
Black Beauty
black beauty
Am I Blue
am i blue
The Original Three-x-3
the original three x 3

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