Monday, November 3, 2014

Now Spinning @ Acme Mid-Century + Modern

Mark Leary Mobiles @ Acme Mid-Century + Modern
Mark Leary Mobiles Now Spinning @ Acme Mid-Century + Modern in Alexandria, VA
candy (30"x24")
New Series of Mark Leary Mobiles in Alexandria, VA

I’m super excited to share that - starting this week - a v-e-r-y special series of my mobiles will be spinning at Acme Mid-Century + Modern in Alexandria, Virginia.

When Pierre, the good-hearted (and witty) proprietor of Acme, asked if I could create a one-of-a-kind series of signed mobiles for his store, I jumped (literally) at the opportunity...

...especially after I took a look at the ridiculously cool collection of mid-century through modern furniture and art he has assembled in his Old Town location. 

Side note: I would live in his store if I could! I’m *not* kidding … it really is *that* awesome.

arrowhead (19"x16")
Together, we collaborated on a set of 7 totally original mobiles in a rad palette that ranges the Molotow Belton spectrum from petrol to alga, burgundy to tar black, and deep Prussian blue to shock orange.

Beyond the chill colors, however, I’m really jazzed about the designs. With that optimal pop of organic + clean lines, they promise a sharp + snazzy complement to any aesthetic.

There are a couple mobiles in the series – I’m not saying which ones (shhhh: petrolflash and candy) - which were calling out “Keep Me, KEEP ME!" and I almost did. I'm happy to report all seven are speeding on their way from my studio here in Bend, OR, to Virginia - including tableaf, my first commercial foray in table-top stabiles. 

So, if you’re in the Alexandria area, I invite you to stop in to see Pierre’s Perfect Lil’ Palace of Mid-Century to Modern Picks and Prizes. Located only a block from the (in)famous Market Square, Acme can be found smack center in the heart of Old Town dining and shopping BLISS. 

If you’re not in VA, head on over to the Acme Mid-Century + Modern website or Facebook page to learn more.
And, since this series will NOT be reproduced and is the first set of mobiles I’ve ever signed (yes, EVER), if you want to score your very own original, I highly encourage you to make a beeline to the store or contact Pierre ASAP.

Thanks again to Pierre for this fun and inspiring collaboration – hopefully the first of many series to come between us.
petrolflash (23"x31")

nautilus (22"x19")
tableaf (9"x12")
blackgrayblue giraffe (16"x17")

gemini (22"x21")

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