Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Mark Leary Tabletop Mobiles @ Acme Mid-Century + Modern

sproing - tabletop mobile by mark leary
Just in time for the holidays, I've created another series of all-original tabletop mobiles (stabiles) for the folks over at Acme Mid-Century + Modern in Alexandria, VA.

These signed and dated one-of-a-kind spinners are apparently a hit in Pierre's incomparably cool shop ... so, if you're in the area this weekend and are looking for something fun and different, you can't go wrong by stopping in.

Thanks to all the many, many people - far and wide - who commissioned, bought, gifted, challenged, encouraged, and helped me make this a most fantastic year of mobiling.

You are all - each and every single one individually - such an inspiration to me!

Here's to a fabulous rest of the year and the best ever to come in 2015.

robin (5.5x7")

twizzle (8"x6.5")

archimedes (6.25"x6")

eclipse (10"x10")

tangled (8"x7.5")

envy (8"x10.5")

floop (5.75"x7")

murakami (8"x7")

k.i.s.s. (4.5"x8")

sproing - back (7"x7")

sproing - front (7"x7")

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