Monday, March 9, 2015

Mark Leary Bike-Inspired Mobile Series

the amazing ah-may (25"x19")

Sneak Peek: A new set of all-original bike-inspired mobiles is headed to Acme Mid-Century + Modern this week...

See, ever since I got my first set of clipless mallet mountain bike pedals many, many years ago, I've loved the crankbrothers' logo:

Simple, graphic, to the point. Three parts. Chain, front rings, and rear cassette: the power factory of any bike. Boom.

In fact, I liked it so much that it inspired one of my favorite shapes to use in my hanging mobile designs:

This scrappy chap has shown up as a player in my three-by-3 series, as well as such mobiles as one of these things, the juggler, and - yes - even the dreaded poison zook!

But, now it's time for this oblong-y charmer to take center stage in my latest suite of signed mobiles headed from Bend, OR, to Acme Mid-Century + Modern in Alexandria, VA

Vibrant and retro, each mobile is a subtle homage to the spirit of the pedals that have kept me rolling on the singletrack trails of Oregon - from my original mallets to my candys to my PDX get-arounder's eggbeaters ... including a very special design commemorating a certain someone's "epic" ride up Mrazek with a busted-to-heck bike, chain-grease calves, and a little blood for good measure. Inspirational!

Coming (very) Soon: Keep your eyes open. It not only keeps you from running into things, it'll help you see a new selection of all-original tabletop mobiles that are headed to Acme next week. 

whoops (16"x19")
rollinblue (26"x17")
retread three (15"x21")
pinchflat (15"x24")
bonk (16"x19")

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