Saturday, March 14, 2015

Zots, Piglets, and Popparodapi, Oh My! New Tabletop Stabiles Are Here!

popparodapus stabile by mark leary
Zots, piglets, and popparodapi, oh my! 

My latest set of tabletop stabiles is ready to journey east.

As you'll see below, I had fun experimenting with a number of new techniques and styles. 

piglet features my first layered / horizontal blades, crumb has a cool vertical pivot point, zots defies my understanding of balance, and popparodapus ... well, he speaks for himself (and he may bite, too; so don't get too close). 

 This troupe of hooligans are slated to hit the road to Acme Mid-Century + Modern early next week.

If you're in the Alexandria area, I invite you to swing on by, say hi to Pierre, and see these swirly whirls in person.

And, remember, as the great American author, Jack London, once said, "You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club."

green flush reed (9"x10.5")
arból solitario (12"x9")


crumb (16.5x8")

piglet (7.5"x14")

green stripe (8.5"x12")
popparodapus (9"x11")
tree in the window (10"x12")
zots (8.5"x10")

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