Sunday, July 22, 2018

Blown - Exploring Motion in Stillness, Stillness in Motion

blown (21" x 30")
As the third mobile in my new discovery series, blown allowed me play with the notion of movement in stillness, and stillness in movement.

  • At the conceptual level, I imagine an aged tree. Upon its oldest of branches rests a single summergreen leaf. Inwardly quiet and deeply calm, she is prepared for this exact moment – offering herself to the wind, she releases and journey begins anew.

  • At the design level, I looked to create a mobile that appears to move even while motionless, as well as one that feels peaceful and organic as it spins.

  • At the me level, life is asking me to make sense of what stillness is to be found in movement and what movement can be discovered in stillness, internally and externally.

Interested? I am excited to share this original 1-of-1 mobile with you. Head to Etsy to grab it while it lasts and see other one-of-a-kind mobiles from this 2018 series, first come, first spun.

*25% of the profits from the series will go to Write Around Portland, one of my favorite organizations here in Portland.

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