Monday, July 23, 2018

Pivot - Looking at Consequential Interconnectivity


pivot, the fourth mobile in my new exploratory series plays with movement across multiple planes and the consequence of interconnection.

The mobile design shakes out in three dimensions, intersecting all axes. The bottom three blades rock laterally, the next three arms thrust upward, and the remaining three describe a partial orbit around the rest.

Although seemingly distinct and separate sections, movement at any one point in the mobile affects movement throughout - especially since jump rings are not used between arms, so energy transfer from one to the next and back again is direct.

A very specific circumstance in your life may demand you pivot this way or that. Yet, even the smallest change at one particular point in our nonlinear reality can (and does) have systemic effect on the entire organism (aka the Butterfly Effect).

This mobile finds me thinking about cause and effect, action and reaction, and – surprisingly – compassion; recognizing that it’s really hard to know the impact any one action will have on the whole.

Interested? I am excited to share this original 1-of-1 mobile with you. Head to Etsy to grab it while it lasts and see other one-of-a-kind mobiles from this 2018 series, first come, first spun. 

*25% of the profits from the series will go to Write Around Portland, one of my favorite organizations here in Portland.

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