Saturday, July 21, 2018

Process - Rethinking the Linear in a Hanging Mobile

process (15" x 24")

process is the second hanging art mobile in my new series of unpainted explorations.

This mobile reckons with the nonlinear nature of the emotional process. Love, grief, joy, healing – the line from here to there and where again is rarely (if ever) straight, is it?

As we move from A to B, the surprise is often on us when – thinking we’ve made it to our destination – we realize we’ve returned to A again (or G or D or L or…).

And it begs the question: What is the beginning? Where is the end? How do we know the middle of any process? What are the metrics, the indices?

Acceptance of this, of the nature of process, is what is coming up for me. To resist leads to what ends? To demand B follow A because why? There is a thread that binds all together, even when the connect is unclear.

This mobile plays with the idea that – although the path may not be straight – the constant begins and begins again with you; as balance, as backbone, as center. 

Interested? Each day, I will be offering art enthusiasts an opportunity to own a 1-of-1 edition mobile for sale on Etsy, first come, first spun. 25% of the profits from the series will go to Write Around Portland, one of my favorite organizations here in Portland.

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