Friday, July 27, 2018

Spiral - Life Lessons from a Hanging Art Mobile


Why is it that when we hear the word “spiral” associated with emotion or life’s journey, words like “out of control” and “downward” tend to emerge? Can you think of times when spiral is connected to the positive? Spiral is defined as “winding in a continuous and gradually widening (or tightening) curve.” Where’s the negative valence here?

spiral is the seventh mobile in my new unpainted series. Knocked down to its bare essentials, three wires and one small spherical blade, spiral attempts to visually simplify the cyclical, yet progressive reality of living without assigning emotional valence to it.

As a teacher, spirals embody openness – whether expanding or retreating in size. Moving toward and away from a central axis, spirals model our own potential to move within or outwardly depending on where we are in our lives and our awareness of what actions are needed to will best be in service of our selves and others.

Interested? I am excited to share this original 1-of-1 mobile with you. Head to Etsy to grab it while it lasts and see other one-of-a-kind mobiles from this 2018 series, first come, first spun.

*25% of the profits from the series will go to Write Around Portland, one of my favorite organizations here in Portland.


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