Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tock - A Hanging Mobile Metronome?


tock rings in as the fifth mobile in my latest series.

This mobile has a metronomic feel to its design and movements. Yet rather than only swaying side to side, the straight arms and one-hole blades also measure up and down. The mobile’s pulse speeds and slows down depending on the surrounding physical environment (e.g., air).

Under normal conditions the movements are synchronized, too much air however can send this mobile into a frenetic dance – with blades and arms actually tapping each other (which is usually a no-no with my painted mobiles). The auditory aspect, infrequent as it is, keeps with the metronome feel.

As for meaning, hmmm, I can’t quite figure out what I was thinking when conceiving and constructing this piece. A study in balance and simplicity, I suppose, and a feeling of upwardness.

Interested? I am excited to share this original 1-of-1 mobile with you. Head to Etsy to grab it while it lasts and see other one-of-a-kind mobiles from this 2018 series, first come, first spun.

*25% of the profits from the series will go to Write Around Portland, one of my favorite organizations here in Portland.

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