Wednesday, February 27, 2019

On falling

As the sun filtered through the branches, it danced shadows on their words: 
“Do you think we’ll always be together?” 
“I do,” he said, as he drifted into her, the two leaves floating softly to the grass below.

Mobile: Pomum Ligni (Apple Tree) Size: 16” wide x 18” tall 

Colors: Belton Molotow Premium paints in Cliff Green, Ultramarine Blue, Black Red, and Tar Black

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

On stories

“Tell me again about that day, Grandma.” 
“What day is that, child?” 
“The day they met.” 
“Oh, that day: Her name was Moon. His name was Sun. And theirs was a love story unlike any other.”

Mobile: die Flucht (finally got the last color applied, so you won’t have to see this one again) Size: Big: 45” wide x 20” tall 

Colors: Belton Molotow Premium paints in Tar Black, Nature White, and Vermilion

Friday, February 22, 2019

On curiosity

She kept tugging on his tail: 
“But what’s *above* the clouds? Is it raining up there, too?” 
The fox could see her big beautiful mind working. 
“What do *you* think?” he asked. 
And with that simple question, he helped make a safe place for her curiosity to grow. 

Photo: That time I got the best review for my mobiles EVER … from my neighbor’s daughter!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

On courage

“I’m not afraid,” she stated boldly. 
Her mom smiled, “Are you sure, honey?” 
“I am thunder. I am storm.” 
“Yes, yes, you are,” she thought as she watched her girl stomp through every puddle in the parking lot. 

Photo: Mobile inspiration reflecting on NE 43rd

Monday, February 18, 2019

On change

“But what if I don’t want to?” he asked. 
“It will happen no matter what,” she answered. 
“But I like things how they are.” 
“Perhaps,” the elder caterpillar continued, “you will like things how they will be, too.” • 

Mobile: Flighten Size: Approx. 45” wide x 20” tall 
Colors: Bare metal now, but will be Tar Black, Nature White, and a deep YTBD red

Takeaways on change: Ask for more of it. Expect it. Embrace it. Understand it. Ask questions of it. Don’t rush to judgement about it. Be willing to accept different ways of thinking about it. Be generous in your interpretation of it. Allow for it. Let it.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

On the intangibles

“But why do you even care?” 
“Because you said it matters to you.” 
And that’s why Anabelle the Slug loved her dear sweet slimy Fred.

Mobile: Spatial Refrag, a custom mobile headed to the coolest bedroom in Hoschton, GA 

Size: Approx. 32” tall x 28” wide 

Colors: Belton Molotow Premium paints in Tar Black, Reed, Petrol Blue, Linda’s Sunset, Clover Green, Nature White, and Ruby Red

Friday, February 15, 2019

On work

“What do you mean you’re not going to fill it?” 
“Exactly what I said,” explained the squirrel. 
“But why would drill even more?” asked the crow. 
“I once heard,” the squirrel replied, “that the only way to fill a hole in your heart is with love. So if – instead of trying to fill them – I work on finding the ones that were already there: Just think about all that love.” 
“You’re an odd one,” said the crow. “But I sure I like you.” 

Photo: Drilling, sanding, shaping, thinking. Just another rainy Friday night in the shop.

Monday, February 11, 2019

On self-reflection

“I’m not like the others, am I?” she reflected 
No. No, you are not.” 
“I’m curvy where they’re straight, bare where they are bright. I’m rough where they are smooth, and I can neither hide my scratches nor my scars.” 
“This is all true, my dear, all so very true.” 
“But do you know what?” asked the girl. 
“I do,” said the mirror, “but tell me anyway. 
“I love myself through and through. I really do.” 
And as she smiled, the mirror smiled back. 

Mobile: Curveball Size: Approx. 32” tall x 22” wide 

Color: Sanded galvanized sheet metal

I want you to stand in front of a mirror and say “yellow blue vase” as fast as you can (be sure to say “vase” with a British pronunciation). Did you do it? Good for you! The brilliant Lena Lencek explains that “yellowbluevase” sounds exactly like “I love you” in Russian (Ya lyublyu vas). Ah language, how it creates, separates, and connects.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

On stories

“I don’t want it be over,” she cried. 
“But it’s not over,” explained Crow. 
“What do you mean? You just finished the story,” she said, as she pulled up the covers. 
“Stories never end, child, they only pick up again from some new starting place. Now go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day.” 

Mobile: Camus 

Size: Approx. 22” tall x 14” wide 

Colors: Belton Molotow Premium paints in Anthracite Gray and Shock Orange 

We are very much the stories we tell ourselves into being. Day in and day out, throughin and throughout our lifetimes, we walk the path of words and actions. We walk with bodies of language. Always in (some) place, we talk within walls of our making; speak within a world often divided between what is “out there” and what is “in here”; we vocalize our feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams against a backdrop of other bodies, other ways of walking, and still other places. With memory we dance with the skeletons of the past, refleshing them in the present, attempting to preserve some of them into a distant beyond. We confront, conflict, exchange, change, doubt, and wonder and yet we are always on the move – time and space wait for no one. As we speak our stories, what do we know to be true of the speaker, the spoken, the spoken to, the space around, the place between, the time within? What are the relations that attain between the words and action, the stories we tell, the memories we share, the places we create and those we occupy, the secrets we hold, the life we live? What do we know? What attains? It’s love. That’s what it is.

Friday, February 8, 2019

On trust

She stood there, unsure of which path to take. 
“But what if I make a mistake?” she wondered. 
“What if I choose the wrong way?” 
“What will happen then? Will I be okay? Will I know what to do?” 
She stood there for a long time, a knot tightening around her heart. 
“I’m not ready,” she feared. “I’m just not ready.” 
Yet at the exact moment she was going to turn back, the smallest ivory moth she’d ever seen landed like a kiss upon her shoulder: 
“When you trust yourself,” the moth whispered, “there can be no wrong way.” 
As she watched the moth flutter off, she took a breath, then a step, then another; and she realized quickly this day was going to be different than the rest.

Mobile: Levolor II. That day when I decided to make a mobile like a maze of intersecting paths out my old Levolor blinds. 

Size: Approx. 26” wide x 54” tall 

Color: Ubiquitous off-white 

“If you can’t find joy in the path you are on and what you are working toward now, how do you expect to find joy once you get there?” – Anonymou

Thursday, February 7, 2019

On kindness

Hunching his shoulders, he drifted to the edges. 
He’d tried to introduce himself, but they turned their backs. 
The bright orange little circle didn’t think he was all that different. 
Yet those oblongs didn’t want to play. 
“Perhaps,” he thought, “I am too small, or too round, or not round enough?” 
The self-doubt began to swirl in his head. 
But then a wind blew and he knew – whether the rest were ready to admit – they were all in this together. 

Mobile: Icanonlybeme (the last in this series) 

Size: Approx. 18” wide x 22” tall 

Colors: Belton Molotow Premium paints in Wild Wane Blue, Shock Blue, Light Riviera, Middle Riviera, Jeans Blue, Dark Iceblue, and Linda’s Sunset 

“Be yourself. Accept yourself. Forgive yourself. Bless yourself. Express yourself. Trust yourself. Love yourself.” - Lypytha Hermin

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

On /ing in

“But won’t I fall over?” 
“It’s possible, but then you’ll just get up,” mused the old gray wolf. 
“I’m scared though,” admitted the cub. 
“Maybe that’s even more reason to do it.” 
“Is it going to be hard?” 
“Yes, likely very hard … until it’s not.” 
“I don’t know what you mean, Oma.” 
“You will, my dear, you will,” she said as she nudged the child forward into the night. 

Mobile: Leaning Into 

Size: Approx. 22” wide x 18” tall 

Colors: Belton Molotow Premium paints in Amaranth, Ruby Red, Tornado Red, Burgundy, Mad Cherry Red, and Signal Red 

Perfectly in process are we all. Learning. Leaning. Opening. Needing. Wanting. Asking. Allowing. And finding. Please be kind. Please care. Please listen. Please show and tell the ones you love how dear they are to you every day, in many many bigly ways. Please don’t wait.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

On flying

The little bird looked down at his mom:
“It says ‘Danger! Do not stand on top step. What am I supposed to do?!”
Looking up from her knitting, all his mom said was: “If you don’t try, you can’t fly.”
Leaping then, you could hear his laughter on the wind.

Mobile: Ladder

Size: Approx. 28” tall x 14” wide

Colors: Belton Molotow Premium paints in yellows to lime greens and a pop of blue

Sunday, February 3, 2019

On bending

He came in close and whispered in my ear, “I’” 
“Good for you,” I smiled, knowing this problem was his not mine. 

Stabile: Middlebend 

Size: Approx. 18” tall x 12” wide 

Colors: Belton Molotow Premium paints in Vanilla, Tar Black, and SEAK Future Green

Saturday, February 2, 2019

On looking back

The two little birds sat in a tree on a bare branch overlooking my studio. 
I don’t think they knew I could hear them: 
“I was told never ever ever do it,” the smaller one said. 
“But how will you know how far you’ve come?” asked the other, as she wiggled her tailfeathers in the cold morning.

“Don’t look back because you’re not moving that direction.” “How can you move forward if you keep re-reading the last chapter.” “Okay, go ahead and look back but don’t stare.” • So many hackneyed cliches. Yes, if thinking in the linear, the past has already happened, and sure, all life is lived in the present. But without looking back as well as up ahead, orientation sure becomes wildly challenging, doesn’t it? 

Photo: I’m looking back with gratitude at my very first “studio” (a wedge of my garage in Bend, OR), and so appreciative of the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, and the life I’ve lived between then and now.