Wednesday, February 6, 2019

On /ing in

“But won’t I fall over?” 
“It’s possible, but then you’ll just get up,” mused the old gray wolf. 
“I’m scared though,” admitted the cub. 
“Maybe that’s even more reason to do it.” 
“Is it going to be hard?” 
“Yes, likely very hard … until it’s not.” 
“I don’t know what you mean, Oma.” 
“You will, my dear, you will,” she said as she nudged the child forward into the night. 

Mobile: Leaning Into 

Size: Approx. 22” wide x 18” tall 

Colors: Belton Molotow Premium paints in Amaranth, Ruby Red, Tornado Red, Burgundy, Mad Cherry Red, and Signal Red 

Perfectly in process are we all. Learning. Leaning. Opening. Needing. Wanting. Asking. Allowing. And finding. Please be kind. Please care. Please listen. Please show and tell the ones you love how dear they are to you every day, in many many bigly ways. Please don’t wait.

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