Thursday, February 7, 2019

On kindness

Hunching his shoulders, he drifted to the edges. 
He’d tried to introduce himself, but they turned their backs. 
The bright orange little circle didn’t think he was all that different. 
Yet those oblongs didn’t want to play. 
“Perhaps,” he thought, “I am too small, or too round, or not round enough?” 
The self-doubt began to swirl in his head. 
But then a wind blew and he knew – whether the rest were ready to admit – they were all in this together. 

Mobile: Icanonlybeme (the last in this series) 

Size: Approx. 18” wide x 22” tall 

Colors: Belton Molotow Premium paints in Wild Wane Blue, Shock Blue, Light Riviera, Middle Riviera, Jeans Blue, Dark Iceblue, and Linda’s Sunset 

“Be yourself. Accept yourself. Forgive yourself. Bless yourself. Express yourself. Trust yourself. Love yourself.” - Lypytha Hermin

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