Monday, February 11, 2019

On self-reflection

“I’m not like the others, am I?” she reflected 
No. No, you are not.” 
“I’m curvy where they’re straight, bare where they are bright. I’m rough where they are smooth, and I can neither hide my scratches nor my scars.” 
“This is all true, my dear, all so very true.” 
“But do you know what?” asked the girl. 
“I do,” said the mirror, “but tell me anyway. 
“I love myself through and through. I really do.” 
And as she smiled, the mirror smiled back. 

Mobile: Curveball Size: Approx. 32” tall x 22” wide 

Color: Sanded galvanized sheet metal

I want you to stand in front of a mirror and say “yellow blue vase” as fast as you can (be sure to say “vase” with a British pronunciation). Did you do it? Good for you! The brilliant Lena Lencek explains that “yellowbluevase” sounds exactly like “I love you” in Russian (Ya lyublyu vas). Ah language, how it creates, separates, and connects.

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