Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Fornever | New Metal + Wood Modern Hanging Art Mobile from Mark Leary

“This time will be forever,” she said. 
“There will be no next time,” she promised. 
“You are the one,” she swore. 
Yet spring would end once again, pink petals dusting sidewalks with magic. 

Mobile: Fornever 

Size: Approx. 25” tall x 25” wide 

Materials: Sheet metal and backyard harvested live-edge laurel wood, gently shaped + dry finished 

Thoughts while making: I live in Portland now, but there’s a small canal that runs behind my house in Bend. Every evening just before sunset, the light reflects up off the water onto the undersides of the leaves of the maples, aspens, and a gentle mountain ash that line that canal. 

 I called it the Light Show, and I would come out just to sit with it. Dazzling. The golden shine cascading. A warm glow filling. 

And the ducks. Oh, the ducks. They flew low along the canal, speeding home from wherever the day held them; sometimes splashing down in a rainbow of light and color and sound. 

Taking it all in from my big ol’ papasan chair, I would dream and drift, and often cut out random shapes for future yet-to-be mobiles. I made each of these three recent wood + metal mobiles from the last of a box of shapes I cut out while living in Bend. 

Nothing lasts, necessarily. But neither does it end.

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