Monday, April 1, 2019

On living with pride: New Colorful Mobile Teaches Me a Lesson

“It’s simple,” they said. 
“Be biased toward those who treat you with respect and care. 
Be prejudiced in favor of kindness and honesty. 
Be discriminating in the thoughts you hold and company you keep. 
And most importantly, love with your whole heart, and let others do the same.”

Mobile: Pride

Size: Approx. 31” tall x 21” wide 

Colors: Belton Moltow Premium paints in Signal Yellow, Light Orange, Lobster, Traffic Red, Burgundy, Indigo, Night SEEN Blue, BOOGIE Viola, Shock Blue, Jeans Blue, Menthol, and Clover Green 

Thoughts: What happens when a client asks you to take a two-color mobile and light it up like a rainbow? Fear and doubt, that’s what. I was concerned the end result would look like a clown barfed up confetti. 

I was fearful it wasn’t going to look good. Because it was different. Because it wasn’t how it was “supposed” to be. Because it was “too much.” 

But I believe art is collaborative. And taste is personal. And helping other realize their vision is critical. And exploring new ideas is essential. 

So I did it, and – wow – l love it. 

Such a great reminder of, well, so many things

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