Sunday, June 23, 2019

Redblack Vanilla | New Modern Hanging Art Mobile Headed to Los Angeles

On Patience
“But I don’t want to wait,” explained sparrow. “I want it now.” 
Fox twitched his tail, “Perhaps,” he suggested, “It’s less about waiting than getting excited about the right moment arriving?” 

Thoughts while making
I think of myself as a patient person. But that hasn’t always been the case. 

As a kid, birthdays, summer, and the end of the school day could never come fast enough. Christmas Eve was torture. Waiting for dessert was painful.

Somewhere along the way – maybe because I was tired of getting frustrated by tangled electrical cords – I found patience. Or it found me.

So you can imagine how discouraged I was the other day when it resurfaced. I was running late the gym. Wanted to make sure I got a spot in my cycle class. Sitting at the stoplight at NE Sandy and 57th Avenue, I felt like I might make it in time. Then, just as the light turned green, two police choppers zoomed into the intersection and stopped traffic. Even though I knew why they were doing it, I felt my chest constrict. My jaw tense.

The first car in the funeral procession was a deep black. The man behind the wheel was wearing a white headband, traditional for Vietnamese mourners. The last car to slowly pass through that intersection was red, and the gray-haired woman behind the wheel appeared to be crying. I was embarrassed at my impatience. Here in the face of death. A reminder that everybody – including you – is going through something, always; and that taking a moment before reacting to listen, to wait, to ask, to open, to soften, to invite, and to allow is worthwhile and important.

Where’s one place where you feel impatient?

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Friday, June 7, 2019

The Caldairemeiro Modern Mobile | Mark Leary Designs

On Opening Your Eyes
“My weather app tells me it’s raining outside,” said sparrow into her phone.
“Um, it is and it’s amazing. Put your phone down and get out here,” laughed gray mouse as she splashed puddles in front of sparrow’s house.

Thoughts while making
The rain came hard today. A soft gray sky turning dark and thunderous. The downpour was throaty and ominous—in that don’t f with me kind of way that nature sometimes has.

Caldairemeiro was oblivious to the weather outside—she was in my sauna of a studio enjoying a high-heat bake to make fast her colorful goodness. It’s only about 100 feet from the side door to my studio, but dang it sure looked wet out there.

I thought to myself, “Do I make run for it? Do I wait it out? This mobile needs to ship today.” So, decision made, I opened the door, and – with every intention to hightail it the studio – I nearly froze in place.

The tea roses caught me unexpected. Jeweled with a thousand tiny droplets.

Then the blackberry leaves. Little rivers streaking across a deep green.

Ferns and hostas and crocosmia. All dancing under the unrelenting rain.

And even my industrious squirrel friend raising his fist—whether in triumph for finding shelter under the lilac or giving Mother Nature the whatfor, I’m not sure.

I made it to the studio just as the rain stopped. A burst of sun breaking through, and the warmth washing over me as I slide the door open.

Caldairemeiro got packed and is now on her sweet way to Seattle. It was a small decision to take that first step, but wow: how grateful am I?

What decision did you make today that had an unexpected outcome?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Red Rover Modern Mobile | Bon Voyage and Merci

On enough
“Can you do this?” blue bird asked as she struck a fierce warrior III pose.
“Um no,” replied turtle. “But I can do this.” 
“You’re just standing there,” said blue bird. 
“Yes, and smiling” turtle added.
Thoughts while making
All I did was hold the door open for her, but you’d have thought I’d just paid off her mortgage. “Aren’t you the sweetest young man,” she said, wobbling toward the post office with a cane in one hand and one of the largest crocheted purses I’ve ever seen in the other. 

“That is just the nicest thing anyone has done for me all day.” I just smiled as she finally made it to the door, “I don’t move as fast as I used to, but I still get where I want to go. Everybody’s always in a hurry. Arthritis slows me down, lets me smell the flowers. And you held the door open for me. Just the nicest thing. People don’t say thank you enough.”

She was still talking as she made her way to her mailbox, key around her neck, cane balanced against the row of little metal doors below.

I was still smiling as I covered the 20 feet between the outside door and inner door where I was greeted with a “Hi Mark, how are you?” from my favorite clerk.

Sometimes the little things are more than enough. Thank you.

What made you smile today?