Thursday, August 29, 2019

Blue Moon Rising | Modern Art Mobile | Kinetic Sculpture from Mark Leary

Mobiles: Blue Moon Rising x 2 (unpainted)

on dreaming
“But how do I know if it’s real?” asked crow. 
“Perhaps a better question,” replied mouse, “is why does it matter?”

Thoughts while making
He never told me his name. In fact, he never said a word. I’m not sure I would’ve understood him if he did. He just stood there looking at me. It’s been decades now, but to this day I wonder about him, about that moment.

I’d picked a spot high up on a sandstone cliff in a box canyon in the Anza Borrego desert. The ledge I’d climbed to wasn’t big enough for my tent, so I’d rolled out my mat and sleeping bag on the sand and fell asleep.

Have you ever woken up because it’s too quiet, too still? I did. Opening my eyes, it took me a moment to figure out where I was. A snowglobe of stars arching over me, lighting the rounded edges of a distant horizon. . And that’s when I saw him. . He was standing there just beyond my head, and he was looking down at me.

To this day, I can describe his every feature. A face creased with time and earth brown. Those dark eyes. His presence large.

I remember feeling calm as he leaned down, placed his palms on either side of my head, and held me there. The entire time his eyes never left mine, even as he took a step backward and vanished into the night.

I lay there for a while before I moved. Turning in the direction he’d gone, I saw no sign of him; only a full moon rising above the canyon walls. . For years, I wondered whether he was real or just a dream. I came to realize he was both, as are many of the things we see and believe. For we are made of stories and stardust, and the more we dream, the more real we become.

Do you remember what you thought the first time you saw the full moon?

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