Monday, October 7, 2019

Blue Moon Rising | Modern Kinetic Mobile Headed to the UK Gets A Color Makeover

Mobile: Blue Moon Rising, Dronfield Edition (Approx. 16" wide x 20" tall)

On heart
“Should I follow it?” asked bear. 
“Only you can know,” said wolf as she howled at the moon. “But I say yes.”

Thoughts while making
The street was not well lit, and there was no sign, but I finally found the place. It was literally a hole-in-the-wall. A metal door with a window and a ripped screen. I checked the address again, took a deep breath, and then turned the knob.

Inside the dimly lit room was a beat-up butcher’s table, a bottle of whiskey, and a burly guy holding a couple of big knives.

Standing there, hands on hips, he looked at me in a way that made me feel like I wanted to be anywhere else. . Then he cracked a smile and said, “You ready to make some bacon?”

That was four years ago today. Working with two 20 pound slabs of sub-primal pork, I learned how to make bacon on that night with one of those very sharp knives … while drinking whiskey. For the record, I would suggest that the two do not go together.

When I first moved to Portland, I committed myself to doing one new thing every day. It was my way of trying to stay #accountable to the decision I’d made when I left Bend. A decision to break patterns that weren’t serving me and face fears. It was a decision to act as if I understood life is not forever, to follow my heart, and to show up.

I did not, however, expect that a bacon-making session was going to turn into an existential experience, that we would talk late into the night about what we really wanted in life, more than anything else, that passion, and the willingness to turn left and left again and left again to make it a reality.

As I left with a sack of bacon slung over my shoulder, I remember looking up at the night sky. Right there, low and white between two trees, sat a crescent moon. And I felt lucky to be alive.

Knowing we will not be forever, what’s one new thing you want to try today?

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Wham | New Modern Hanging Art Mobile by Mark Leary

Mobile: The Wham (42” wide x 22” tall)

On dreams
“I dreamt it,” explained rabbit. “So I know it’s real.”

Thoughts while making
In a 40-year study that surveyed 50,000 college kids, researcher Calvin S. Hall determined that the most common feeling people report having in their dreams is anxiety, followed closely by anger, sadness, and fear.

I came across this study this morning as I was reading about Dmitri Mendeleev, the guy who invented the periodic table. He says, “I saw in a dream a table where all the elements fell into place as required.”

Did you know that, over the course of your life, you’ll likely have over a hundred thousand dreams? If anxiety is the key theme, think about how many times that means you’ll dream about waking up late, being naked in public, and trying to scream but having no voice. And much harder things.

Think about your little brain during sleep, and how hard it’s working to process all the information it’s a received over the course of the day: Stress, doubt, hurt, fear, loneliness. All just so we can wake up to more of it.

In Hawaiian, the word for dream can be translated as "soul sleep.” Imagine that for a moment. Fluffing the pillows, pulling up the covers, tucking in the deepest part of you; kissing it on the forehead and giving it a safe, warm, quiet place to retreat.

This mobile is about to be on its way to soon-to-be new parents. It’ll spin overhead as their baby sleeps, wakes, poops, cries, laughs, grows, clings to, and – yes – dreams. It will be a pop of color, a bright background to the deep, resonant comfort and protection that is a parents’ love.

As I put the finishing touches on it this morning, I’m thinking about what we can do for each other – in the waking world – to create opportunities for such comfort and love, a place “where all the elements fall into place,” so our dreams don’t have to do so much heavy lifting, where we can protect, support, and lift up the dreams of the newest members of our human tribe, as well as each others’.

What’s one thing you can do today that will help ease the stress of or brighten a moment for another?

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Level Change II | Now Spinning in Switzerland

Mobile: Level Change II, in situ in Switzerland 

On awe
“You’ll believe it,” explained squirrel, “when you see it.” 
“No,” sparrow replied, “I’ll see it when I believe it.” 

Thoughts while making
How many times, as an adult, have you heard the line, “You won’t believe this,” and yet you do. You see the thing, you hear the thing, you experience the thing, and it’s believable. Totally believable. No magic. No zing. No neural fireworks.

How’s that happen? Where does that child-like wonder go?

I heard a talk once on the topic of awe. The speaker described the common facial expressions we as humans make in the presence of the truly awe-some. And how if we want to invite awe in, we only need to begin by making those expressions.

I found myself walking around the next day trying this idea on. Coming upon a tall tree or big cloud, I’d open my eyes and mouth wide, take a step back, do that double-take thing, and inhale deeply. Waiting for it … waiting for it … still waiting for it. Nothing.

One of my customers sent me this picture today to show me where they’d hung their mobile. They live in Switzerland.

Those ridiculously high mountain trails that cling to impossible heights under even taller peaks soaring beyond even the highest high clouds. This is the stuff of awe, right? Yes-and.

Yes-and because, while Switzerland happens to be one of my favorite places on earth, today I was reacting to light in shadow, music in movement, an adjustable stool, a duster, sheet music – all the many stories layered into this one photo.

I’m reminded of a quote by Ralph Hodgson, “Some things have to be believed to be seen.” What occurs to me is that perhaps awe is a way of believing—in possibility, in beauty, in love—that allows for the stories to emerge. The magic to return. The fireworks to ignite. And this makes me smile because this way of being is available to us every single day.

What’s the one thing you need to believe about yourself this week to be reminded of what an awe-inspiring individual you are?