Monday, January 20, 2020

The Classic Modern Mobile | Talking the Good Life Project and Jonathan Fields' Sparketypes™

 Mobiles: Follow Me, The Classic

On sparks
“But how do I know who I’m meant to be?” asked little bird.
“Keep asking questions,” said fox. “Like a match to wood, they will ignite your fire.”

Thoughts while making

She flew low and close to the ground. Black against a blacker night. Her feathers a whisper knifing cold through desert air.

I’d just lit the old Coleman stove. A relic from childhood camping trips. It’s small round burner glowing, gas blue turning a deep luminous orange.

I was all alone until she came. 600,000 acres of Anza-Borrego wide around, and yet I felt crowded. My thoughts a mob, thugs familiar, loud and unkind: doubt, fear, self blame; where was I going, what was I doing? Would I ever just feel okay?

When she first flew by, I felt more than saw her, a shadow at the edges. When she returned again and again, making these long, sweeping passes, she came closer each time, illuminated by the small circle of light—free and wild, curious and quiet, waxen wings poetic, her eyes seeing a man standing barefoot in the sand, a thousand starlit galaxies within reach if only he leaped.

As I was making these mobiles, I was listening to Jonathan Fields sharing on his always-beautiful Good Life Project podcast. He was talking about his genius idea of Sparketypes™, about finding that path in life that “fills you with meaning and lets you feel fully-expressed, alive with​ ​purpose and absorbed in flow ("sparked").”

His words brought me back to that desert night years ago, and to the questions that raven asked, “What is it that stands between you and that thing, those things, that light you up?”

And it makes me wonder, what would your life look like, feel like, taste, smell, and sound like – be – if you could step around that thing, those things, that you imagine block your way? If you stepped around and followed the light, a match igniting passion?

Perhaps sit with this for a moment? I will be. Then, if you’re curious, I encourage you to learn more about Sparketypes at, yep,, and share what yours is here once you find out. Maker and Nurturer for me.

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