Wednesday, March 4, 2020

8: Midecentury Modern Mobile Heads to Merchant Modern | Mark Leary Designs

Mobile: 8 (Available soon exclusively at Merchant Modern)

On magic
“But how do you ‘prepare’?” asked bear, raising his hand.
“Okay,” replied fox, “forget preparing, just be amazed!”

Thoughts while making
As kids, we were told not to do it. That it was dangerous. But we did it anyway. And I bet you did, too.

Fact is, I still do it. I can’t help myself. Why? Because, even though the mystery is gone, the magic remains.

As a child, I was barely eye level with it. Yet I can hear my mother’s voice clearly: “Get away from there. Don’t stare at it!”

But there was that light glowing from the inside. And that hum vibrating the countertop. And, wait for it, wait for it … that metallic DING!

Most every morning, I reheat my day-old coffee (no judgments, please). I stick the mug in the microwave, and depending on my whim ++ the temperature of the mug, I may press 1 minute or 42 seconds or 1.5 minutes or sometimes 1-1-1. It varies.

What doesn’t seem to vary is the location of that mug when the microwave hits zero and beeps its electronic beep. Always front and center.

How does it do that?! How is it always exactly where I want it to be? Yes, I know it’s designed this way. And, no, I don’t really want to know “how” it works. I just want to continue to be amazed.

Amazed like I am by water coming out of a faucet. Or my car starting. Or the cursor on this screen. Sharpie markers. Vinyl records. Bar codes. A cat purring. Mouths that can speak thousands of different languages and smile smiles that melt hearts. And hearts that beat. And eyes that see. And bodies that are.

So, the larger metal disc of this mobile reminded me of the turntable inside our childhood microwave, and all the magic *it* saw over the years … even with a little toe-headed kid standing in the way watching it spin.

What’s one thing that you find magical and/or fills you with awe?

NOTE: This is a one of one mobile. It's headed to the fabulous Merchant Modern in Santa Monica, CA, today (3/4/20). If you are interested in it, please contact Merchant Modern directly ASAP as it will sell quickly). Merchant Modern will also have five additional mobiles, including special variations of Arrow, The Classic, Ironwood Road, One Orange One, and Jumble customized exclusively for Merchant Modern.

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