Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter Egg Mobiles by Mark Leary Designs

Mobiles: Pride and Daisy (like Easter eggs in the sky)

on discovering
“If they’re meant to be found,” asked fox, “why are they hidden?”
“Because growth comes in seeking,” smiled bear, “not finding.”

Thoughts on Easter morning
Interminable. That’s how long it was. Maybe even a few minutes more. Sequestered in our living room. Made to swear we wouldn’t look out the windows. Hungry. And impatient.

Our Easter Bunny wore thick, black glasses, cowboy boots with suits, had an oversized beard, and often laughed so hard to he turned bright red. Oh, and he took forever to hide the dang eggs.

Oh, but what eggs they were. Rattling together in the sauce pan as they boiled. Newspapers spread on the table wide. PAAS dyes and food colors. Little pastel stained fingers and the smell of vinegar filling the house. We did the stick ons and the peel offs, the paints and the pens, 5 sets of little hands creating mini works of art.

And why? So that an architect father with a maze for a mind could hide them in every backyard nook and cranny possible. Dozens of them. The hardboiled and the delicate. The plastic and the See’s. Oh the See’s: Chocolate Butter with walnuts, Divinity, Rocky Road, and Bordeaux – all hidden, ready to melt under a springtime sun if not found quickly enough.

We’d stand, eyes down, at the sliding glass door in the kitchen, each equipped with an empty wicker basket. Then, with a whoosh, it was on. The door open, the hunt began. Two girls. Three boys. All sharing the same DNA as we spread out across the yard in our Easter best.

And to do what? Find that which was hidden. Out of sight. Concealed. Unseen. These treasures we’d created, secreted away with only one purpose: provide a temporary challenge that was 100% intended to be solved.

We were *meant* to fill our empty baskets. We were *meant* to seek with the confidence we would find. Think about that: we were *meant* to seek with the confidence we would find.

How amazing would it be if we could approach the challenges of this extraordinary time with that same level of confidence?

What treasures would you find hidden under the heavy, behind the unknown?

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