Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Stand | Midcentury Modern Tabletop Mobiles

Stabile: Part of The Stand series

 On now
“Come here, child,” she whispered, “and rest awhile.”
And snuggling in, the earth sighed relief.

Thoughts while making

Have you heard the story of a place called Here, a time called Now? It’s a tale most hard to imagine, yet anything but make-believe.

As befits a good yarn, there’s the usual cast of characters. We meet Corona, the misunderstood dragon, a biological agent just trying to evolve. Then, there’s Fear, that shameless evil giant. There are countless little elves looking to elders and each other for cues on whether to dance or to cry. And, of course, we have fairies. So many fairies appearing like fireflies at dusk.

And then there’s you. Our modern-day hero. Your super power, truth. Vulnerability, your strength. Dressed in love, armored in hope. Shielded with calm, and wrapped in care—and yet fear can be real. This dragon breathes more than fire.

Yet you, who are mother, sister, daughter. You, who are brother, son, father. You, who are friend and stranger, foreigner and foe. You stand there, open and bare and perhaps unsure, humbly lifting your sword, marveling at how it glints and gleams even as you think, “it’s only a single spark, and there is much dark.”

And then the Quiet comes, calmly and warm. One by one hundred, a million to more, seven billion raised in a truth named Together. Continents making a world, a world united, voices resounding: “We who are hero, stand apart as one.”

As with all fairy tales, some wishes will be granted, others not. Good will ultimately triumph. But costs will be high. Life and death swim together under a single sun. Take hope. Stay safe. Do what you can. Rest when needed.

Many a tale have magical elements woven throughout, like fairy dust or magic beans. What magical element can you share or do you need from others during this extraordinary time? I’m working on a potion of laughter and softness, scented of seafoam and warm like love.

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