Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Sarah Blondin, Self Worth, and The Classic Modern Mobile

Mobile: The Classic spinning in Sugar Land, TX
On self worth
“I’m enough?” asked bird.
“When you think about it,” replied red fox, 
“you’ll realize your question is actually a statement.”
Thoughts while making  
Each night, she climbs gently over my shoulder. The left one. And sits softly, with her legs crossed, on the edge of the pillow behind my head.

Like a full white moon low in the summer sky, she is. Like light in darkness. Like hope in the quiet spaces that attain.

And I wait. My body tense as lungs fill with air, a lifetime held in a single breath.

“Close your eyes,” she begins, “and arrive in this moment with me.”

I do as instructed, waiting for the question I know she will ask; the one I will tuck under my arms and carry to sleep with me.

“How could your life be different, dear one, if you could remember you were worthy?”

And I can already feel the heat behind my eyes, as words like barbs come too fast, come too easy: not enough they scream, not good enough, won’t be enough, can’t be enough, you are not enough.

Leaning closer from where she sits, she listens, a hand on her heart, before speaking. “It’s time to remember now,” she says, “that you, my dear one, *are* worthy. And have been worthy from the very first moment you took your first breath.”

This is what she does, you see. Sarah Blondin asks you to remember things you may have never known, but which were always yours, always lived “in the space between rib and bone.”

This is what she does, you see. Sarah asks you to “discover your mystery; your lakes, your valleys, your rivers of sap.”

This is what she does, inviting you to simply *be* “like the opening of palms. Like quiet. Like forgiveness and relief, allowing all worry, all tension, all frantic needing to pour out and away from the space that fills your belly and chest.”

As she asks, I do: “Be. Receive. Give thanks.” And I am grateful.

What is one quality you would like to re-member in your self that you have perhaps forgotten or neglected?

Not sure? Well, as Sarah Blondin reminds us, “You can remember, dear one, just follow those ancient rumblings within you.”

For the record, I play these nightly meditations from Sarah on my phone ... which I place on the pillow behind my head, over my left shoulder.

*All quotes are from Sarah's Live Awake podcast

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