Sunday, December 20, 2020

Affirmations, Doodles, and Death | Three Classic Modern Mobiles by Mark Leary


Mobiles: The Classic, Black Beauty, and Shadowleaf

On sparkles
“But why do I need to turn the light on?” asked fox.
“So you can see,” replied bear. “So you can see beyond the dark.”

Thoughts while making
"I want my heart to shine through my eyes.”

This is what the words said. I had to re-read them just to make sure.

“I want to live like I know I’m going to die.”

The handwriting was barely legible. The pencil faded.

“I don’t want to be small, in belief or being.”

Yellow pages, lined and dog eared.

“I want to make peace with my fears.”

Squiggly doodles edging the words.

“I want my heart to shine through my eyes.”

There it was again, but more:

“Like it once did.”

I found the old notebook as I was cleaning out a closet today. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning recently.

Amazing how much space one can open up when you clear out things that no longer serve you.

Beautiful how past affirmations can ignite the present, lighting the way.

Wonderful how word pictures can become reality, heartshine crinkling at the corners of my eyes.

I want *you* to feel *your* heart shining through your eyes. This is my wish.

What’s one heartdeep want you can wish for yourself or others today?

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