Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Hope, Bird Chatter, and Standing on the Edge | The Classic Modern Hanging Art Mobile by Mark Leary

Mobile: The Classic in Linda’s Sunset, Vermilion, and Pigeon Blue

On hope
“No,” explained bear, “hope isn’t just a dream. It’s how you make your dreams come true.”

Thoughts while making
today, I will,
with heart and determination,
with soul and passion,
I will.

today, I will,
to the best of my ability,
no matter what comes,
I will.

today, I will,
because I can,
I’m fortunate to,
and that’s why I will.

The sound of rain on magnolia leaves, ash trees turning yellow, Buddy curled up into a tighter curl than his summer sprawl. Fall is definitely here.

I can hear the birds chirping from one tree to the next about it.

“Headed south?”

“Got enough makings for your nest?”

“Anything I can do to help?”

They know it’s a time to reflect, regroup, and plan.

A time to hope, to work, and to imagine.

Okay, maybe they don’t know all that stuff, but I’d like to think they do.

And, as we stand on the edge, hopes tied to blue, a changing of the seasons, it’s time for the real work to begin.

Take heart, breathe deeply, then roll up your sleeves. Because we’ve got a job to do before spring is sprung and hope sprouts again as truth.

What’s one daily comfort you take or ritual you make as we move deeper into fall? For me, it’s afternoon tea and incense on gray mornings.

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