Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Signs, Billboards, and Bold Moves | Pride Hanging Art Mobile by Mark Leary

Pride, headed to Minneapolis

On signs
“I keep asking for a sign,” said fox, “but the universe remains quiet.”
“When you’re ready,” replied crow, “when you’re ready.”

Thoughts while making
Funny thing about signs: Even when they seem ridiculously clear – telling you EXACTLY what you must do – they can still be downright confusing, can’t they?

Place and time, willingness and ability.

These things matter.

In fact, they appear to make all the difference - determining how we see and interpret pretty much everything.

A little over 5 years ago, I saw a billboard as such a sign. It was inspiration *and* confirmation. It was up on Sandy Boulevard near NE 55th.

At the time, I was visiting from Bend and my world felt upside down. My head and heart confused. Wrestling with whether I should stay or move. And there it was.


(And, yes, it *was* in all caps).

Talk about thumping me over the head. It was an ad for a local community college with some cheesy hipster getting his pose on.

Yet for me, it was an invitation.


Because life had brought me to a place where I was ready to see it.

To hear it.

And to act upon it.

As a result, my world transformed.

What signs are showing up in your world of late? Are you ready to look for and act upon those that conspire in your favor, inspire you to more, and require you to embrace the invitation?


  1. Wonderful thoughts. And in my experience as well - so true. Inspired today to look for mobiles and found your artwork, then this blog. Thanks for the insights. Steven in Kingston WA

    1. Awww, thanks so much Steven. You absolutely made my day! My folks live in Kingston, so it's fun to see your name pop up!


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