Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hanging Art Mobiles Bring $2K for Oya No Kai

 "Live at the Oya No Kai Auction 2016 - Revolution Hall

Yatta! Yatta!

Recently, I was honored to help two second-grade classes at Richmond Elementary School create a couple ginormous mobiles for the school's yearly fundraising auction.

The annual event to help the Japanese Immersion Program’s Interns and Cultural Exchanges is Oya No Kai's biggest fundraiser of the year.  

I had a blast conducting four hands-on mobile-making sessions with over 100 kids. It was a TON of fun ... and nobody except for me got injured! The resulting two 50+ blade mobiles brought a collective $2K to the school's immersion program. Right on!

The colorful mobiles (seen in their packaging below) celebrated the auction's sugared-up, candied theme. With names like Sunset Melon Sherbet and Frosting with Sprinkles, it's a good thing you couldn't eat these 4' high x 6' wide painted metal spinners! Talk about a sugar high!

It was a LOT of work, but I'm happy to have helped my friends, the mission of the school, and get to spend some time watching little minds exercising their creativity. Woot Woot!

Apparently, I'm now an honorary dad of 100+ kids!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mark Leary Mobiles Featured On WIRED.com

Mark Leary Mobiles on Wired.com

Fun to have my mobile, the Original Three-x-3 featured in the article, "11 Gifts for the Artist in Your Life, Starving or Otherwise" on Wired.com.

Stay tuned for exciting new news coming in 2016.

For now, thank you for supporting art, keeping it light, and happiest of happy holidays to you.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Zots, Piglets, and Popparodapi, Oh My! New Tabletop Stabiles Are Here!

popparodapus stabile by mark leary
Zots, piglets, and popparodapi, oh my! 

My latest set of tabletop stabiles is ready to journey east.

As you'll see below, I had fun experimenting with a number of new techniques and styles. 

piglet features my first layered / horizontal blades, crumb has a cool vertical pivot point, zots defies my understanding of balance, and popparodapus ... well, he speaks for himself (and he may bite, too; so don't get too close). 

 This troupe of hooligans are slated to hit the road to Acme Mid-Century + Modern early next week.

If you're in the Alexandria area, I invite you to swing on by, say hi to Pierre, and see these swirly whirls in person.

And, remember, as the great American author, Jack London, once said, "You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club."

green flush reed (9"x10.5")
arból solitario (12"x9")


crumb (16.5x8")

piglet (7.5"x14")

green stripe (8.5"x12")
popparodapus (9"x11")
tree in the window (10"x12")
zots (8.5"x10")

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mark Leary Bike-Inspired Mobile Series

the amazing ah-may (25"x19")

Sneak Peek: A new set of all-original bike-inspired mobiles is headed to Acme Mid-Century + Modern this week...

See, ever since I got my first set of clipless mallet mountain bike pedals many, many years ago, I've loved the crankbrothers' logo:

Simple, graphic, to the point. Three parts. Chain, front rings, and rear cassette: the power factory of any bike. Boom.

In fact, I liked it so much that it inspired one of my favorite shapes to use in my hanging mobile designs:

This scrappy chap has shown up as a player in my three-by-3 series, as well as such mobiles as one of these things, the juggler, and - yes - even the dreaded poison zook!

But, now it's time for this oblong-y charmer to take center stage in my latest suite of signed mobiles headed from Bend, OR, to Acme Mid-Century + Modern in Alexandria, VA

Vibrant and retro, each mobile is a subtle homage to the spirit of the pedals that have kept me rolling on the singletrack trails of Oregon - from my original mallets to my candys to my PDX get-arounder's eggbeaters ... including a very special design commemorating a certain someone's "epic" ride up Mrazek with a busted-to-heck bike, chain-grease calves, and a little blood for good measure. Inspirational!

Coming (very) Soon: Keep your eyes open. It not only keeps you from running into things, it'll help you see a new selection of all-original tabletop mobiles that are headed to Acme next week. 

whoops (16"x19")
rollinblue (26"x17")
retread three (15"x21")
pinchflat (15"x24")
bonk (16"x19")

Mark Leary Mobiles @ Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

straightline curve - stabile by mark leary

I'm very excited to share that a selection of my mobiles and tabletop stabiles will be spinning soon at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, MO.

Designed by one of the country's most respected modernist architects, Gunnar Birkerts, the museum's main building is, well, it's a work of art in itself.

The museum is incredibly unique on a number of fronts - not the least of which is that it has three locations spread throughout Kansas City to open up art and art education to the masses.

In addition to a suite of my most modern hanging mobile designs, the super cool folks at the Kemper Museum Shop challenged me to develop really graphic, streamlined bases for the stabiles they'd selected.

I had a blast re-imagining and replacing my typically very organic bases with much more linear interpretations. A couple examples are attached below (to see them all, you'll have to visit the Museum Shop yourself).

It's so neat to be able to collaborate with those who use art to inform and inspire. Thank you to Raina and Craig.

If you're in the Kansas City area, please be sure to drop in to the Museum Shop (located in the main building at 4420 Warwick Boulevard) and say hello.

squarebird (5.5"x7")
straightline curve (5"x9")

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Mark Leary Tabletop Mobiles @ Acme Mid-Century + Modern

sproing - tabletop mobile by mark leary
Just in time for the holidays, I've created another series of all-original tabletop mobiles (stabiles) for the folks over at Acme Mid-Century + Modern in Alexandria, VA.

These signed and dated one-of-a-kind spinners are apparently a hit in Pierre's incomparably cool shop ... so, if you're in the area this weekend and are looking for something fun and different, you can't go wrong by stopping in.

Thanks to all the many, many people - far and wide - who commissioned, bought, gifted, challenged, encouraged, and helped me make this a most fantastic year of mobiling.

You are all - each and every single one individually - such an inspiration to me!

Here's to a fabulous rest of the year and the best ever to come in 2015.

robin (5.5x7")

twizzle (8"x6.5")

archimedes (6.25"x6")

eclipse (10"x10")

tangled (8"x7.5")

envy (8"x10.5")

floop (5.75"x7")

murakami (8"x7")

k.i.s.s. (4.5"x8")

sproing - back (7"x7")

sproing - front (7"x7")

Monday, November 17, 2014

New Tabletop Stabiles by Mark Leary

o-poppy - stabile by mark leary
o-poppy stabile by mark leary

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

Just in time for the holidays (and Black Friday / Small Business Saturday) I've just finished a set of 10 tabletop stabiles. They're all headed to Acme Mid-Century + Modern in Alexandria, VA.

These one-of-a-kind lil' spinners don't take up much space and offer a cool way to add some artful move into your daily groove. Uh, yes, I just said that.

I had a bunch of fun creating the very minimalistic and organic-inspired bases for each of these mobiles. 

Primarily, the relationship between the bases and the mobile itself works on counterbalance and thus don't seem like they should support the movement of the blades - but they do. 

From Calder forward, I've not seen other similar designs - usually they're much more "substantive" in appearance. I am excited to keep playing with this more minimalistic approach and see where it evolves. 

Stop in to Acme or contact Pierre to reserve your original stabile before they sell out.

Have an awesome holiday!

blue skål - stabile by mark leary
blue skål (13.5"x12")

el squig - stabile by mark leary
el squig (7"x15.5")

seethroughyou - stabile by mark leary
seethroughyou (8.75"x13.25)

o-poppy - stabile by mark leary
o-poppy (9.25"x9")

one2three - stabile by mark leary
one2three (10"x14.5")

orange blurbott - stabile by mark leary
orange blurbott (11.25"x11.25")

quack - stabile by mark leary
quack (6"x10.5")

red squonk - stabile by mark leary
red squonk (8"x12")

smallbut - stabile by mark leary
smallbut (4.5"x9.5')

tendril - stabile by mark leary
tendril (5.25"x9")